Welcome to H&M Packaging

H & M Packaging was started in 1989 in Bloemfontein, Free State to supply butchers and the catering industry with sausage casings, spices, packaging and butchery and catering requisites. From the early days our motto has always been that the service to our customers has to be our top priority, coupled to this our basket of quality product at competitive prices has given the company a steady growth over the years so that today we are one of the top butcher supply companies in the Free State, Northern Cape and South Africa.

In the Free State and Northern Cape deliveries are done by our fleet of trucks and company representatives.  They see customers in the country on a two weekly basis, in Bloemfontein it is done on a weekly basis.  In the Free State we service most butcheries as well as numerous, cafès, supermarkets and catering companies.
We have a training facility that accommodates up to twenty students at a time for training on the HMR products. We are distributors for Deli Spices a HACCP approved spice manufacturer as well as our own line of butchery machines namely Mastercut.


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