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Vacuum packing machines

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Product Description

Capacities of 4, 6, 16, 20 & 70 cubic meters per hour
Keeps product freshness more time
Avoid freezing burns
Increase considerably the storage life of foodstuffs prone to spoiling
Avoid mixing flavours
Reliable bush pump
No Wiring in the chamber, makes cleaning very simple
Fully automatic
Stainless steel construction

 EV-4 EV-16 EV-20
 280mm x 364mm x 130mm  38mm x 338mm x 135mm  508mm x 498mm x 183mm
 4m3 Busch, 20-45 sec  16m3 Busch, 10-30 sec  20m3 Busch, 10-30 sec
 cycle  cycle  cycle